Six Essential Apps and Platforms for First-Time Business Bloggers

There’s no way around it: today’s businesses need to blog.

Many modern start-ups avoid the practice of blogging because they see it as a potential roadblock in terms of their skill-set or simply don’t see the ROI. For starters, many newbies to blogging don’t believe that they have the chops to publish their own work. Likewise, the commitment and time involved with writing and tracking data can be daunting for a team without a dedicated blogger.

That being said, can you really afford to miss out on opportunities to exponentially increase your potential for revenue, traffic and social growth?

Making money through consistent blogging doesn’t have to be rocket science, especially with the wealth of tools out there to help first-timers get their feet wet with writing. Chances are, you or someone within your team has more than what it takes to manage your company blog. The following six apps will ease your mind and make it significantly simpler for your business to start blogging now.


Project management is instrumental in increasing productivity and ensuring that everyone involved with your business’ blog is on the same page. Solutions such as Trello allow your team to manage content ideas, files and feedback all in one place versus bouncing back and forth via email. Blog work-flow doesn’t have to be a paper-trail nightmare: Trello can hold everyone accountable in terms of their role in the blogging process and is absolutely free.


Easily integrated with Trello, Slack allows you a platform to chat with team members beyond email or text message. If you need to shoot a quick question or stay connected as a remote team, such a platform is absolutely invaluable.


Content ideation is one of the more difficult aspects of running a blog, especially when some of our best ideas hit us at unexpected times. Keep a virtual pen-and-paper with you through Evernote to ensure that you never miss a good idea. Besides, brainstorming beyond the keyboard may uncover a goldmine as the practice of jotting down ideas forces us to rewire our brains.

Hemingway App

“But I’m not a writer” is no excuse for not having a blog. You can make your writing simple and straightforward thanks to the Hemingway App, which ensures that you’re taking a “less is more” approach to writing. Increasing the readability of your content may be easier than you think: avoiding complex sentences and too many words may very well be your ticket to looking better on paper.


Likewise, it may have been awhile since your last grammar lesson in high school. Grammerly checks your content at a glance to spot any glaring grammar errors that your word processor may not have caught. Easily integrated with any browser, Grammerly represents a surefire way to ensure each and every piece is final-draft ready.

Google Analytics

Approximately 64% of marketers don’t make data-driven decisions: this could easily spell the death of your blog if you aren’t part of the other 36%.You need to be knee deep in analytics to understand which keywords your site already ranks for and what you need to do to unlock new streams of traffic. Likewise, Google Analytics easily integrates with any blogging platform and allows you to see at a glance what’s working and isn’t in terms of your company blog.

You can break down the fear barrier to start blogging today, especially if you have the proper tools on deck to help you get started. Instead of holding your business back, think of your blog as an opportunity to grow your skills and brand alike.

Jessica Corry

Jessica is a marketing consultant specializing in social media trends, business, and entrepreneurship.

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